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Significant lectures given by the department's curators can be heard here. To listen to them you will need some additional software which is detailed below.

Iron Age Chariot Burial Excavation at Wetwang, East Yorkshire

The first in the series was a lecture given by JD Hill and Tony Spence on the Wetwang Chariot Excavation in early 2001. There are three sections:

What did we find?
Dr JD Hill Click here to listen
Reconstructing the Chariot
Tony Spence Click here to listen
Who was she?
Dr JD Hill Click here to listen

Speaker Biographies

Dr JD Hill is the curator of the Iron Age Collections in the Department of Prehistory and Europe at the British Museum. He was present at the Wetwang excavations and will be author of the final report.

Tony Spence is registrar in the Department of Prehistory and Europe and was the surveyor and co-director of the excavations at Wetwang.

Minimum System requirments

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The British Museum would like to thank the following people for their assistance with the Wetwang Chariot project:

  • BBC Meet the Ancestors team
  • Hogg the Builders of York
  • English Heritage
  • The Guildhouse Consultancy
  • Peter Makey
  • Robert Hurford
  • Mike Loades
  • Richard Hopkins
  • Caroline Wilkinson

Also particular thanks to Northcote Internet Ltd for donating their services to make this broadcast possible.


Reconstruction of the Wetwang Chariot unearthed in early 2001

Reconstruction of the Wetwang Chariot unearthed in early 2001

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